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22 lutego 2018

Why Apple Is The World’s Most Innovative Company?

| it’s always products and people. The question at the end of every year, or every month or every week or every day, is, Did we make progress on that front? | in the scheme of things versus our revenue, we’re doing very few things | [a product] is like a train–the train leaves the station, and if you have a great idea after that, it’s going on the next train. You’re not going to call this one back to the station | because we know what’s happening inside the company, we just have to find another channel to listen to and tune out the noise | customers are jewels | products are all about the people who use them | we’re all very different. You could walk down this aisle and talk to 10 people, and they’d be totally different, but we all have the same common purpose. That’s the thing that joins us all together. And it’s that goal that drives everybody to keep working ungodly hours and trying to do the best work of our lives |