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15 grudnia 2017

Will Design Thinking Be the Future of Management?

| technologies such as mobile devices, social networking, cognitive computing, and the IoT are changing the way companies design, manufacture, and deliver almost every product and service | SAP, BMW, Lufthansa and many others have identified their philosophy of doing digital transformation | customers and users are now connected via social media, which allows updating people in seconds about their experience with products, services or companies |
it also significantly increased the pace of change in business as a whole, requiring organizations to become agiler | Design Thinking and Lean Startup are totally popular | by 2021 more than 50% of established corporations will be leveraging lean startup techniques at their business level to increase the pace and success of business transformation | industry leaders like IBM or Procter & Gamble have trained their whole organization with the disciplines of design thinking, to become more innovative and especially customer-centric | applying human-centered correctly helps companies not only to become more agile or flexible in their product development. It allows also to reduce waste in developing the wrong products as well as it helps to avoid investing money and resources into not required solutions | to become successful in future, it´s a matter of how well companies combine DT and LS | designers teams can create better user concepts, development teams can prioritize better on features based on the customer value and manager will gain more confidence in taking the right |