Design Thinking dla firm

12 października 2018

Ile powinien kosztować nowy produkt?

Wprowadzanie nowego produktu na rynek to długotrwały i skomplikowany proces. Jednym z istotnych jego elementów jest ustalenie ceny. Niestety często zdarza się, że wyzwanie to nie jest odpowiednio adresowane, a strategia monetyzacji jest rozważana dopiero wtedy, gdy produkt jest już gotowy do wprowadzenia na rynek.

aut. Przemysław Siuba

2 października 2018

Beverly Rudkin Ingle, [2014], Design Thinking dla przedsiębiorców i małych firm. Potęga myślenia projektowego w codziennej pracy, Wyd. Helion, Gliwice

25 września 2018

4 Signs an Executive Isn’t Ready for Coaching

Not every executive will benefit from working with a coach. And if you’re the person who decides which company leaders get to work with an outside expert, you want to spend your budget wisely. To assess whether a struggling leader is ready for coaching, watch for a few red flags. First, be wary of an executive who always has an excuse when things go wrong. Coaching requires self-awareness and introspection so someone who consistently blames external factors for their problems may not be a great choice. Second, think carefully about a leader who favors quick-fix tactics. The best candidates for coaching are willing to challenge their assumptions and beliefs about how to get things done. And third, beware of managers who delay the start of coaching to “do more research” or “find the right person.” It may be a sign that they're just not ready to confront their issues.

20 lipca 2018

How to Respond When You’re Put on the Spot in a Meeting

Paul Axtell | being put on the spot during a meeting can be an unwelcome surprise | but if you’re prepared to speak up and say something useful, you can turn it into an opportunity to show your expertise | before your next meeting, look through the agenda and write some notes about questions you have and any points you might raise | if you’re called on in the meeting, speak slowly and confidently, and introduce your comments with some context so that colleagues know where you are headed | of course, if someone asks you a question that catches you off guard, don’t be afraid to say you don’t know the answer | practice some simple responses for these moments: “I don’t have that information, but I will get it to you by 1 PM.” And always end by asking, “Did I answer your question?” | Paul Axtell

17 lipca 2018

Why Design Thinking Won't Solve All Your Innovation Problems

Amantha Imber | Design thinking won't create a culture for innovation | Design thinking won't provide you with time and a budget | Design thinking won't provide you with an innovation strategy | Design thinking won't disruption-proof your business | Design thinking won't motivate your staff to innovate | Amantha Imber

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13 lipca 2018

Can You Explain Your Startup’s Great Idea?

Karen Mazurkewich | startup and technical business leaders often don’t tell their innovation stories well | they rely too much on industry jargon and complex detail to get their points across | this is a huge missed opportunity | when you’re doing good work, you want people to know about it | so whether you’re drafting website copy, a marketing brochure, or a press release, follow a few rules | use simple language to communicate your message | don’t cram many ideas into one story or release. Keep it simple, and build your narrative one idea at a time | consider hiring professional storytellers. Seek out writers who have crafted op-eds or articles for a variety of publications. It’s not easy to tell stories about complicated topics, but doing so is essential if you want your company’s work to be recognized | Karen Mazurkewich

10 lipca 2018

10 Lessons Learned From 10(ish) Years of Running My Own Design Firm

| play the long game, emotionally and financially | no fancy sh*t | keep your pricing easy | set up a system of safety nets so you can fail | focus on the problem, not on making it pretty | cheer the competition | make time to meet people | read your face off | #elbowgrease fixes almost everything | bonus tip: remember, it’s a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll |